Seeking effective and long-term Rochester, NY fibromyalgia relief is crucial to managing your condition more effectively. Otherwise, you may need to deal with various health problems such as lack of quality sleep.

If you do end up getting sleep-deprived, you will most likely need to deal with a whole new set of problems, such as aggravated symptoms. To prevent that from happening, we suggest trying ways to address your sleep problems.

Check out our list of sleeping hacks for fibromyalgia patients below, and feel free to apply them as needed.  

  1. Work on your sleep hygiene  

Back in the late 70s, a psychologist introduced a better way of improving sleep by following a list of environmental and behavioral rules. By having a well-defined routine, you can promote an uninterrupted and consistent sleep schedule. This may come in handy in decreasing your sensitivity to pain and anxiety attacks. It can also help speed up tissue repair, a critical factor in providing relief from your symptoms.   

  1. No to a sedentary lifestyle

Lack of physical activities can heavily impact your overall condition. While it may be a bit challenging to get yourself moving due to muscle pain or soreness, it’s still a good idea to do some gentle stretches. You can also try engaging in other activities such as running, swimming, and yoga. Whatever physical activity you choose to include in your weekly or daily routine, make sure you don’t overexert yourself.  

  1. Keep your electronics away from you 

Alternatively, you can switch them off before you retire to bed. Gadgets like mobile phones and iPads can overstimulate your brain, causing you to have a hard time falling asleep. We also highly recommend switching off your TV. Contrary to popular belief, leaving your TV on during night time actually robs you of quality sleep. The rays of blue light from the screen may disrupt your body clock.

  1. Shorten your afternoon naps

Most folks who have fibromyalgia tend to compensate for short night sleep by taking long naps. However, while this could help you recharge and feel more energized, it could also impact your regular sleeping hours at night. As much as possible, if you will take a nap, keep them super short. Take no more than an hour to rest during the day.  

  1. Lessen or avoid your usual dose of caffeine in the evening 

Can’t have enough drinking chocolate drinks or coffee? That’s fine! As long as you don’t consume caffeinated beverages a few hours before bedtime, you can still enjoy uninterrupted sleep. 

  1. Try warm baths to ease muscle tension and stress

If you have been struggling to fall asleep because of fibromyalgia, we suggest running a warm bath an hour or two before your usual sleeping time. Feel free to soak your body for no more than 10 minutes, as studies suggest. This can help boost blood circulation and ease tension in various parts of the body.

  1. Adjust the room temperature 

If you feel like the temperature is too high in the room, go ahead and adjust the heater thermostat. Better yet, you can switch to a colder setting. This simple adjustment alone may come in handy in calming the nerves and encouraging you to sleep better. 

  1. Make a few adjustments to the room’s lighting 

As much as possible, you should keep your bedroom dimly lit when you’re about to sleep. You can install special lighting fixtures or put up a dark curtain to block light from the windows. It may also help you repainting the walls into a darker shade. Whatever adjustments work for you, we encourage you to just implement them.

  1. Invest in a good-quality bed

A low-quality mattress or worn pillow can heavily affect sleep quality. Invest in a bed that has a good texture, one that doesn't feel hot or scratchy. Check for the firmness as well. If you're a light sleeper or someone who tends to sleep on the side, go for a plush mattress. Do you lie asleep on your back or stomach? Go for an extra firm bed! 

  1. Get to the bottom of your health problem

What better way to eliminate your sleeping difficulties and other fibromyalgia symptoms than by resolving the root cause? You can try seeking natural Rochester, NY fibromyalgia relief using chiropractic adjustments. It’s a gentle and promising procedure that could help you finally enjoy a life without fibromyalgia symptoms.  

Rochester, NY Fibromyalgia Relief by Upstate Sports & Spine

Now that you’re well-acquainted with the life hacks for fibromyalgia sleeping problems, let’s shift our focus into finding lasting Rochester, NY fibromyalgia relief. As we’ve mentioned in sleeping hack #10, identifying and addressing what truly causes your problem would help.

Until today, much of that remains quite uncertain. However, some studies point to the possible link between fibromyalgia and neck bone alignment. Findings suggest that miscommunication between the brain and brainstem, which results from a faulty neck structure, may be causing your increased sensitivity to touch and pain.   

Experience much needed Rochester, NY fibromyalgia relief with the help of Upstate Sports & Spine. Using precise measurements, we can create customized chiropractic adjustments so you can correct your bone alignment. This way, you can experience lasting symptoms that you can benefit from years after receiving the adjustments. Discover a bit more about how you can benefit from upper cervical care by calling us at 585-413-1202. You may also reach us for your queries or consultation appointment via our contact form.

To schedule a consultation with Dr. Uribe, call our Rochester office at 585-413-1202. You can also click the button below.

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When it comes to a chronic health condition like fibromyalgia, the symptoms themselves are difficult enough to deal with. For example, besides the pain, you may be dealing with sleepless nights, cognitive difficulties, numbness and tingling, and sensory sensitivities. Unfortunately, fibromyalgia also comes along with an increased risk of developing various associated conditions. We’re going to look at four of the more common ones, and then consider a natural way to find some relief.

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4 Devastating Conditions Linked to Fibromyalgia
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