Paraspinal Infrared Thermographic Imaging Assessment Tool at Upstate Sports and Spine
3D Cone Beam Computed Tomography Technology at Upstate Sports and Spine
Nausea, Migraine, and Vertigo Gone with Upper Cervical Care
Jake's Post-Concussion Syndrome Recovery Story
Dr. Ryan Uribe Talks About the Blair Technique of Chiropractic.
Amazing Story about Headaches, Stuttering, Memory Problems and Upper Cervical Care in Rochester, NY.
Inspiring Story about Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain, Muscle Tightness and Upper Cervical Care in Rochester, NY.
Incredible Story about Post Concussion Issues and Upper Cervical Care in Rochester, NY.
Incredible Story about Post Concussion Issues and Upper Cervical Care in Rochester, NY.
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<p>Woman Suffering From Migraine Finally Found Comfort Through Upper Cervical Care in Rochester</p>
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Woman Suffering From Migraine Finally Found Comfort Through Upper Cervical Care in Rochester

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<p>Plantar Fasciitis And Migraines All Gone Through Rochester NY Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care</p>
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Plantar Fasciitis And Migraines All Gone Through Rochester NY Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care

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<p>Upper Cervical Chiropractor In Rochester Helped Man With Lower Back Pain, Sciatica, And Drop Foot</p>
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Upper Cervical Chiropractor In Rochester Helped Man With Lower Back Pain, Sciatica, And Drop Foot

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<p>Upper Cervical In Rochester, A Game-Changer For A Man With Several Head/Neck Injuries</p>
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Upper Cervical In Rochester, A Game-Changer For A Man With Several Head/Neck Injuries

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<p>Getting Healthier And Happier With Upper Cervical Care</p>
<!-- /wp:paragraph -->

Getting Healthier And Happier With Upper Cervical Care

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<p>Upper Cervical Care Effect On Neck Pain And Migraines</p>
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Upper Cervical Care Effect On Neck Pain And Migraines

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Fabulous. I felt so much better after may treatment.

Jane P

Dr. Uribe very knowledgeable, patient & kind. Office staff friendly & organized. I would recommend, but prospective new patients should be aware he does not take any type of insurance, which was the only drawback.

Sharyn J

Everyone is so friendly and exceptional at their jobs. Dr. Urbie has made my life a million times better.

Kenna K

Both Jennifer and Dr. Uribe help to make my visits pleasant. Jennifer is welcoming and Dr. Uribe is both knowledgeable and compassionate.

Susan G

Always great. Kind, competent, knowledgable and always ready to be of service. I would highly recommend Dr. Uribe.

Patty L

The treatment I received for my rotator cuff partial tears were very good. I learned afterwards that the surgical option is very iffy. So, this non surgical option worked well and my arm is in very good condition. As far as general Chiropractic treatment, I am disappointed to have to say that I cannot find a single Chiropractor in Rochester that does actual adjustments of the spine. All of these alternative methods of pushing lightly or using some sort of tool do not adequately replace a good hard push to move the vertebrae into proper alignment. I am extremely disappointed because I had been treated by Chiropractors in the Syracuse area that still manipulate the spine the old fashioned way. Those "fake" spinal manipulations do not work and the pain and discomfort continue. When I moved from Syracuse to Rochester, and therefore had to discontinue seeing the old-fashioned Chiro, I was pain free for an entire year after ceasing treatments. Those mamby-pamby treatments don't work at all!

Arnis S

Great. Both Charlie and I are pleased with the results of the care we have had with Dr. Ryan. Jennifer has also been a wonderful help. We want to extend our thanks to both of you.

Charlie D

I always feel listened to. I appreciate the friendly and professional atmosphere. And I appreciate the time spent explaining things to me. Thank you for all your help

Harriet M

I was very happy with the level of care and knowledge that Dr Uribe shared with me. I highly recommend the shockwave therapy which helped tremendously with my chronic shoulder pain.

Bonnie B

Karen was fantastic. I had thrown out my back and couldn't get off the floor. She got me in the next morning and continued my therapy until I was back to normal. She was also able to diagnose the fact that I had some severe muscle imbalances in my body and gave me a workout to target those muscles to improve my overall back and spine health.


I think its great that I can come to you and identify what my issue is with my body. You then employ the proper techniques to get my body back to mending itself.

Anthony M

Safe in your hands..

Angie M

Great. Just haven't needed an adjustment. Thought of stopping just to visit. Hope all is well for you.

Dino A

I had a very good experience was treated very good by staff they made a very great effort to correct my problem and reduce my pain.

Don K

Dr. Uribe is highly knowledgeable, very personable and takes whatever time is necessary to address a patient's chiropractic needs

Larry H

Great personal care with no egos involved. I get a tune-up for athletic performance

Beth H

I'm impressed so far with my visits and outcome with the visits. He can see that I need adjusted without me telling him that

Brenda S

Efficient, productive and knowledgeable. Back and neck issues have been substantially reduced by your work.

Ben M

Dr Uribe is incredibly knowledgeable about all things upper spine. He helped me fix a persistent axis/atlas problem and gave me the necessary information ! needed to continue treatment after I left the area. Thanks Dr U!

Zoe S

Dr. Uribe is excellent. He keeps up on his education and cutting edge therapies and will go the extra to help you immediate appointments even after hours, research, time). He truly loves what he does and has excellent personal skills.

Karen A

Thank you Dr Uribe for your expert care and compassion. We're confident Ty is in the best hands possible.

Tyler C


Phyllis R

I love Dr. Uribe and Jen. Both very professional and personable. Dr. Uribe takes a genuine interest and doesn't stop until the job is done. Highly recommend Upstate Sports and Spine!

Kim B

Very good experience. Unfortunately, I'm not living in the area since retirement.

Daniel P

I enjoyed my experience and before my accident & surgeries received outstanding results so much that I referred other people to you. I was grateful for your referral to my surgeon and information on fish oil & various treatment modalities. The testimonies about others who were helped with various conditions, the use of the special CT scans of my head and neck & other diagnosis technologies were helpful as well as fitting me with soft orthotics. I loved the interaction with and treatment for our grandson and other people! referred to you.

Sandra P


Ileana H


Anne D

I haven't had chiropractice appointments in a long time. I was going more for massage therapy.

Carol F

Still ongoing but so far so good. With my particular situation (and it seems likely others' situations, there is a bit of unknowns and trial-and-error even with the advanced imaging available. I'm very impressed with that imaging too, by the way. So while in my mind that uncertainty creates some concern I have clearly gotten significantly better since I began treatments. Dr. Uribe is very clear and thorough in his explanations even in the face of that uncertainty and is patient in answering any questions I may have, even though I've asked some of them on a few occasions. I feel I'm in the hands of a conscientious, well-trained, well-educated caring professional.

James K

It's always a good experience. All of my questions are answered and well explained.

Lucas J


Starmeshia J

Excellent, personal serbice

Susan L

Dr. Uribe is one of the best Doctors I have ever met. He cares deeply about is patients. Our Son, who experienced a serious High School Football Injury, loves him and has made great progress in his recovery. Dr. Uribe is the best.

Tim C

I have always recommended Upstate Sports and Spine to anyone I know. I can actually walk easily again after a few visits with Dr. Uribe. The practice itself is well-run, super clean, and very friendly

Michelle S

Coming to your practice was the best choice I made in my life made me a new person

Kevin Q

Very good, you explain everything I needed to know about my issue and the type of treatment needed I will be returning when needed

Nicholas M

You all were terrific! I recommend you to all my fellow runners!

Sue G

It was great! Very professional!

Joanne M

Excellent! Dr Ryan took his time with my examination and thoroughly explained what he found and how the precise adjustments would help me.

Paul L

Dr Ryan and Jennifer are the best. Highly recommend them.

Peter H

I felt well cared for, that my comfort was of concern and important during the procedure being performed.

Mercedes S

Dr. Uribe is very helpful, explains his treatment rationale, and is responsive to questions.

Howard M

Awesome care, just too far for routine visits.

Diane Z

I had great success with your custom orthotics and have referred multiple people

Susan M

I love how I'm treated with such respect and am listened to regarding my body and that I'm in fact the expert of my body, Dr. Uribe is just the medical translator I've been to other chiropractors where I feel like I'm just being herded through and they do the same exercises to "fix"and realign my spine and bones. It's a short term fix, but my body doesn't take well to it. Dr. Ryan listens with interest to what my body is responding to, what I've noticed my body seems to like and dislike, and we look together to try and figure out and solve my body to make it happy. He uses this spine scanner so I can see the before and after in terms of my body's alignment and it really helps me to understand what is going on with my body since at the end of the day, I know my body the best. He empowers me to be my body's advocate and there is always respect and a kind smile whenever I walk in

Courtney D

I feel that the treatment was effective and the experience was pleasant. I'm sure will be back when the situation warrants it.

Ken W
Dr. Ryan is one of, if not the most talented chiropractors I’ve ever been treated by. He spends time with you unlike just about every other chiropractor. He takes his time, is methodical and precise. You walk out better every time. He uses science and evidence to adjust the correct areas. I will be a lifelong patient.
- Michael Riley
I have been to other chiropractors to try and help my neck and back pain that i have been dealing with for years with no success. Ryan really listens to you and cares about finding out what is going on with YOUR body. I have gotten more attention for my issues here than any other DR i have been to. I can finally sleep again without having neck pain everytime i move and function normally at work!!
- D K
No migraine medication in over 4 months. Thank you Dr. Uribe and Jenn. Very grateful.
- St. Peters Kitchen Rochester NY
Amazing made a huge improvement to my quality of life.
- Stephen Kupferschmid
Dr. U has drastically improved my sciatica and upper neck curvature, which is helping me get back to doing the activities I enjoy! I appreciate Upstate Sport and Spine's evidence based practice approach to chiropractic care, they truly look at the patient as a whole person as well as use the latest advances in the field to bring great results. A friendly and knowledgeable staff to boot, plus home exercises help enable the patients' to take ownership in their health!
- Kerry McLaughlin
Dr. Uribe is a fantastic chiropractor. He has treated both my husband and me for back issues with excellent results. My husband has disc problems that were treated with decompression therapy and his quality of life has improved tremendously. We would recommend him without hesitation.
- Jean Anthony

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